Construction Engineering Track


The Construction Engineering Track will provide the skills needed to succeed in the construction industry. Topics include construction planning and estimation, construction safety and health, and environmental impact assessments.

As a reminder, tracks are optional and not required. Choosing a track allows you to concentrate your elective courses within one area of civil engineering, in order to further specialize within your chosen field of study. For more information about specific course recommendations, contact the Student Services Office.

Course Recommendations

Breadth Electives:
  • CEE 3055 Structural Analysis
  • CEE 4100 Construction Engineering and Management
  • CEE 4405 Geotechnical Engineering
  • Choose one of the following:
    • CEE 4200 Hydraulic Engineering
    • CEE 4300 Environmental Engineering Systems
    • CEE 4600 Transport Engineering
Georgia Tech Electives (choose six):
  • CEE 3010 Geomatics
  • CEE 4110 Construction Planning and Estimation
  • CEE 4120 Construction Operations
  • CEE 4130 Construction Safety and Health
  • CEE 4140 BIM for Construction
  • CEE 4150 Construction Management and Megaprojects
  • CEE 4620 Environmental Impact Assessment
  • CEE 4640 Freeway & Interchange Design
  • CEE 4650 Site Design in Transportation
  • CEE 4699 Undergrad Research
  • CEE 4803 Construction Management & Megaprojects
  • CEE 4803 Smart and Sustainable Cities
  • CEE 4XXX (BC 3610) Construction Law
  • CEE 4XXX (BC 4610) Value Engineering & Building Economics
  • ARCH 4831 (BC 4710) Green Construction
  • CEE 6XXX Graduate Courses
Recommended Approved Electives:
  • MGT 3000 Finance and Managerial Accounting
  • MGT 3150 Principles of Management

Note: It is recommended to take CEE 1770 and CEE 3010 in the first two semesters at Georgia Tech to optimize your chances of obtaining an internship during the summer after your freshman year.