Infrastructure Systems Engineering Track

Infrastructure Systems Engineers design, coordinate, and maintain infrastructure which includes creating solutions for energy demands, water shortages and other global challenges. Our program promotes the creation and implementation of technology to develop infrastructure system solutions.

Undergraduate students who pursue the Infrastructure Systems Engineering Track of the Construction and Infrastructure Systems Engineering Concentration benefit significantly from the established active network with consultants, government entities and energy producing companies.

Students also have opportunities to conduct research with faculty members in ISE who are internationally recognized for their innovative contributions in transportation infrastructure, facility life-cycle assessment, socio-environmental assessment, extreme event dynamics, and sustainable and resilient communities and infrastructure.

Infrastructure Systems Engineering (ISE)
in CEE Undergraduate CISE Concentration Requirements:

Required: CEE 4100 Construction Engineering and Management

Complete three (3) from the following:

  • CEE 4140 BIM for Construction
  • CEE 4160 Smart and Sustainable Cities
  • CEE 4803 Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Civil Systems
  • CEE 8813 Data Analytics for CEE Systems
  • CEE 8813 Sustainable Buildings