Goodno publishes new hybrid statics and mechanics textbook

The U.S. edition cover of Barry Goodno's new textbook, "Statics and Mechanics of Materials," co-written with James Gere. The new text offers a coordinated approach to both foundational courses in mechanics, according to Goodno. (Image Courtesy: Cengage and Barry Goodno)

The first edition of Barry Goodno’s new textbook, Statics and Mechanics of Materials, arrived in stores and online retailers in October.

The new book continues Goodno’s long collaboration with James Gere. The pair wrote a popular and widely used textbook on mechanics of materials that extended into nine editions. Their new collaboration combines statics and mechanics of materials into a single, integrated teaching tool.

“The new text presents a coordinated approach to both foundation courses in mechanics,” said Goodno, a professor in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering. “Many universities are moving to a common hybrid text for both courses.”

Goodno said Statics and Mechanics of Materials uses a new approach for the example and practice problems throughout each chapter, a “four-step solution process so that the students gain a more in-depth understanding of the problem-solving process in mechanics.”

The book’s publisher, Cengage, also has integrated the textbook into a digital platform that allows instructors to customize the e-book version for their students, hiding, rearranging or adding their own content.

An international version of the textbook will be available in January.