Jin wins ACI scholarship for his work on concrete sustainability

Ph.D. student Bill Jin, this year's winner of the Robert H. Kuhlman Student Scholarship from the Georgia chapter of the American Concrete Institute.

The Georgia chapter of the American Concrete Institute has awarded Ph.D. student Bill Jin $5,000 to support his studies and his research into green concrete material technology.

“Winning this scholarship builds the recognition of my study and research for concrete sustainability and gives me the confidence to continue my career as a concrete scientist,” said Jin, a second-year doctoral student in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Jin works with Kimberly Kurtis to develop cement-based materials that sequester atmospheric nitrogen oxides and mitigate corrosion in reinforced concrete. As the Robert H. Kuhlman Student Scholarship winner, Jin also will be a featured speaker at a Georgia ACI event this year.

“[The Kuhlman Scholarship] also grants me the opportunity to extend relationships with ACI’s Georgia Chapter and will allow me to learn more about industrial needs and practices from its members,” Jin said.

In recommending him for the scholarship, Kurtis wrote to reviewers that Jin is positioning himself to make an impact on the industry.

“Mr. Jin has the right combination of qualities — inquisitive, intelligent, outgoing, highly organized and goal-oriented, exceptionally strong mentor and team member — that would make him an asset on both technical and non-technical (especially in terms of technology transfer) sides of the concrete industry,” Kurtis wrote.

The Georgia ACI awards a Kuhlman Scholarship to one Georgia student each year with an interest in concrete technology, materials, design, construction and related areas.