Zhou Receives American Chemical Society Graduate Student Award

Graduate student Jianfeng Zhou

The American Chemical Society has honored a School of Civil and Environmental Engineering doctoral student for his research productivity and academic performance.

Jianfeng Zhou is one of 20 students nationwide to receive the Environmental Chemistry Graduate Student Award from the Society.

“It’s very exciting to be recognized by the ACS, the community that publishes the highest-quality research,” said Zhou. “I would also like to acknowledge Dr. Xing Xie, my Ph.D. advisor. It’s him that supports me to apply to these awards.”

Zhou’s research focuses on water disinfection that utilizes electricity to purify the water. This system could be implemented along the water distribution networks rather than solely at central facilities, like water treatment plants.

“The most widely used chlorine disinfection process generates carcinogenic disinfection by-products, but it is cheap in cost, easy to operate, and we have enormous engineering experience [using it],” Zhou said. His process “can achieve high disinfection efficiency with very low energy input. Most importantly, it is by-product-free.”

The ACS Environmental Chemistry Graduate Student Award recognizes graduate students who work in areas related to environmental chemistry, with competitive course-work performance and research productivity. This award is granted up to 20 recipients nationwide every year.